Google’s Thanksgiving Turkey Trends

Est. Read Time: ~Keurig Brew-Time

During the recession,  did consumers hold back and  buy a less expensive turkey to serve for Thanksgiving dinner?

Google Trends indicates yes.

A search trend for “Butterball” shows a dip in 2008 after peaking in 2006.

Butterball turkeys are one of the more expensive turkey brands.  What other indicators does Google trends reveal?

On the timeline, we see a news snippet at point B “Butterball still poultry icon after sale.  This was the point in 2006 when the Butterball brand was sold by ConAgra to a company called Carolina Turkeys. Carolina Turkeys was owned by Smithfield Foods and Maxwell Farms.

By the end of this timeline at point E in late 2010, Smithfield has sold its entire  49% stake in Butterball and  Carolina Turkeys company to use the proceeds to reduce debt.

A search trend for “recession”:

At the end of 2010,  will we still be talking turkey or will we all be butter off?