Drop-Down Menus Hidden Behind Flash Objects

Est. Reading Time: 1 minute

While developing a new website recently, I noticed the top navigation drop down menu was being hidden behind the flash video on the homepage. I didn’t notice the issue at first since it was working fine in Firefox but when I tried to test the site in Internet Explorer, I discovered the bug. I figured it might have been an issue with the z-index. But after messing with the z-index for a while, I realized that wasn’t the problem. So I turned to Google for the answer and sure enough after a few minutes of searching and reading forums I found the answer. The fix was fairly simple, all I needed to do was add an additional parameter to my flash object. By adding the following line, the bug was fixed in all browsers:

“Wmode sets the Window Mode property of the Flash movie for transparency, layering, and positioning in the browser”. Here are the three possible values for wmode.

Check out Adobe’s website for more details on Flash OBJECT and EMBED tag attributes.