Beacon Attends Internet Summit

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Beacon attended the Internet Summit earlier this week. Overall, it was a terrific event. It has shown strong growth in an economy that is killing attendance at similar conventions. There were some very accomplished speakers and we heard a number of interesting ideas on where the net and web marketing industry will be going in the future.

Given my role with Beacon, I tended to hang around the SEO/Social Media/PPC management related segments. One of my favorite takeaways was where our company stands in the industry. If the convention’s speakers were an accurate representation of where the web marketing industry is currently focused (and I believe they were, visit the site above to see their credentials) – then Beacon Technologies is operating well ahead of the curve. Most of the advice regarding tactics and tools were items that Beacon has been using since I arrived roughly 18 months ago.

Highlights from the Convention:

Less Impressive Items:

Tip for next year: Cocktail hour should include Maker’s Mark.

- EW

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