Beacon Attends Internet Summit

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Beacon attended the Internet Summit earlier this week. Overall, it was a terrific event. It has shown strong growth in an economy that is killing attendance at similar conventions. There were some very accomplished speakers and we heard a number of interesting ideas on where the net and web marketing industry will be going in the future.

Given my role with Beacon, I tended to hang around the SEO/Social Media/PPC management related segments. One of my favorite takeaways was where our company stands in the industry. If the convention’s speakers were an accurate representation of where the web marketing industry is currently focused (and I believe they were, visit the site above to see their credentials) – then Beacon Technologies is operating well ahead of the curve. Most of the advice regarding tactics and tools were items that Beacon has been using since I arrived roughly 18 months ago.

Highlights from the Convention:

  • Warren Adelman’s keynote speech during lunch on the second day – Definitely the highlight of the Convention. Warren is the president and COO of who had to step in for CEO Bob Parsons at the last second. Warren gave an informative and entertaining speech on the formation of and the principles that have made the company successful. Yes, the Superbowl ad was talked about extensively.
  • Marty Taylor Collins – Marty is the leader of the Emerging Media team at Microsoft. She gave a solid outline of how the technology giant has tackled social media marketing and evaluates the effectiveness of their efforts. Fear not small businesses, Bill Gates’ company has many of the same issues that you do.
  • Dana Todd – The CMO of Newsforce gave an outline for where she saw the SEO industry heading (i.e. Application SEO, Sponsored news, Out-of-Home Search, TV Search, et al). I didn’t necessarily agree with all of her conclusions, but I still give credit because it is not overly common for entrenched members of our industry to make strong predictions. It is too easy to check back later and be called out for bull excrement.
  • Shocktop Beer – Your standard convention contains the following beer lineup during cocktail hour: Budweiser, Miller Light, Heineken. That’s it. When facing the choice of American mediocrity or Dutch mediocrity, sobriety becomes a more likely option.  Here, we actually had my second favorite wheat beer (#1 being Boulevard – shamefully unavailable in North Carolina), so big time appreciation for that.

Less Impressive Items:

  • Playboy Presentation – When Playboy is schedule for a featured marketing spotlight session, there is an expectation of an appearance by Bunnies. Am I wrong? *Crickets* *Crickets*
  • Irrelevant SEO Advice – I received advice from an individual representing a PR 8 news site to chase the latest short tail trending phrases. That might be effective when you are representing a site that is already recognized as an authority by Google, but absolutely terrible for most websites looking to build their brand and traffic efficiently on fixed time/budget.
  • Buzzword DSP – Demand Side Platform. This is not exactly a brand new concept, but I have never heard the phrase thrown around as much as I did in this convention. It seemed every speaker was trying to work it into their presentation, with varying degrees of actual relevance.

Tip for next year: Cocktail hour should include Maker’s Mark.

- EW

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