Jeff Pickle

Get Your Website JUICED! Google Visuals That Improve your Website.

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Pattern detection in Google Analytics is a lot easier with visualization tools. One of the neat visualization tools available to enhance your Google Analytics is JuiceKit that works through the Google Analytics API.

Very easy to setup. Just visit the Google App Gallery and login into your Google Analytics.

There are two tools available. A Referrer Flow and a Keyword Tree visualization.

The keyword visualization lets you see right away the most frequently used search terms and their performance.

There are a few parameters you can set like the size and color. In the example below, word size corresponds with the number of visits and color relates to the bounce rate. Other settings can include % new visitors or average time on site.

In the center of the tree, you will see a frequently used keyword. To the left and right of the keyword, you will see search terms used the most often in combination with your keyword.

A “Juiced” website screenshot of the Keyword Tree below:


One thing that stands out above are the queries related to pricing.  That is a question easily answered by contacting us on our online form.

A great tool to check out! Next post, I’ll explore the Referral Flow tool to answer the question “What pages are people viewing on your site and where are they coming from?”.