Keyword vs. Keyword…Let the Games Begin!

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes

Let’s say you have two types of campaigns: an Accelerated and a Standard. The Accelerated campaigns focuses on spending more budget and getting more clicks for your higher converting keywords. The Standard campaigns focus budget and clicks on all average performers, and you have made sure that there is no keyword overlap. However, you were wondering what happens when there is a search done that could trigger either Accelerated or Standard.

Case in point: “Skinny jeans” is bid on in Accelerated. “Denim skinny jeans” is bid on in Standard.

If someone searches for “Denim skinny jeans,” which campaign keyword will be triggered?

The search “denim skinny jeans” would trigger the Standard “denim skinny jeans” keyword. This is because quality score and bid price have a greater influence over matching than your ad delivery method. Ad delivery effects “rate,” not the quality or likeness of a match. So, just because you indicate to Google through ad delivery that you prefer a keyword, ad group, or campaign over another, it will not automatically give the Accelerated keywords greater weight. Ad delivery just removes any cap on impressions for a campaign.

The short way to say it is that “skinny jeans” would be triggered for the same searches in the Accelerated campaign as it would for the Standard. Now, you must also remember that ad groups work as a unit. So, there is normal keyword cannibalization within ad groups and campaigns. However, when you split a keyword out to operate on its own, while being very similar to other keywords in other campaigns, you always run into the possibility that your phrase match may be triggered by searches you don’t want. To create more “leak-proof” Accelerated campaigns, I would do one of the following things:

1.      Run a query report weekly for you Accelerated campaigns to review thequeries you have shown. Queries that are leaking in there, exclude with negatives.

2.      Run a search query report over the past 90 days just for the phrases you’re targeting in Accelerated. Bid on the best terms this report yields at the exact level.

**the use of the keyword “skinny jeans” was done with the hope of inspiring other women to jump aboard the skinny jeans, cute scrunchy boot look I have grown to love.

-NT… saving the world…one optimized campaign or trendy look at a time