YMCA invades Beacon and TWTC

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OK – it was not those YMCAers, but the kids from the Spears YMCA Counselors in Leadership Training camp who came by for a field trip to visit Beacon a few weeks ago. We gave them a brief overview of our business units and their respective functions – the lead counselor was busy keeping the kids awake!

Actually, we did a great job relating the business world to a sports team, which certainly was something they could relate to and kept it entertaining.  We then headed off to TW Telecom to show them our hosting facility.

I actually called ahead of time to let my rep know we were coming by for a brief tour.   Unfortunately, my rep did not read my email closely and the Operations Manager was extremely nervous when I showed up with a busload of kids.   It was a very funny moment when we arrived (had to be there to enjoy it) but everything worked out fine as we toured the facility in groups of 10 and everyone was well behaved.

In the end, it was a great visit and made all of us feel good to give back to community as well as getting some kids interested in career opportunities in Information Technology.