Video Optimization

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What are video search results?

When conducting a keyword search, video results sometimes appear in the search engine result pages. Many keywords will not be news worthy, have videos or even major brands attached to them so video results do not always appear. In addition to keywords, Google is also using the number of social bookmarks, Diggs, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers and many other factors in determining whether or not to show video results, much in the same way all those factors contribute to an overall site ranking. Google also chooses where to display the video results on the search engine result pages.



How do we optimize video hosted on YouTube?

How do we optimize video hosted on your website?

What are other methods for optimizing video?

Why track video results?

Producing video content takes time, money and energy. The results should be tracked in order to know if those resources were correctly allocated. Knowing how much traffic you are receiving from these video results and whether or not this traffic is valuable can help make a number of decisions. Perhaps a major chunk of your organic search traffic is actually from video results.  You could segment those visitors to find out when they watch. Also, are you posting new videos when our audience is actively seeking them out?

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