Andrea Cole

Under the Cloak of Night Google Adwords Changes How to Pull Reports

Est. Reading Time: 3 minutes

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of discovering (on my own, mind you) that Google had changed how you pull Account, Campaign, and Ad group reports. After some time with the Adwords support team, I was able to figure out where to pull them and how the new reports work. To save you the time and frustration I experienced, see below.

Creating a Report

Going forward, Account, Campaign, and Ad group reports are created from the main Campaigns (#1) tab. Once there, you can access each report type from its respective sub-tab:

  • “Campaigns” tab (#2) for Campaign reports
  • “Ad groups” tab (#3) for Ad group reports
  • “Dimensions” tab (#4) for Account reports (If you do not have a “Dimensions” tab, click the down arrow at the end of your sub-tab list (#5) and select the “Dimensions” button.)

New Adwords Reporting- Creating the Report

Choosing Your Criteria

To create a report, set the date range you’d like to see (#6). Then access the correct tab for your report type. Selecting “Columns” in the sub-menu (#7) allows you to choose the information you’d like to see, like CTR, CPC, Conversion Rate, and Cost/Conversion. The “Segment” button (#8), also in the sub-menu, allows you to select content or search network, day, week, month, etc.  Then use the optional “Filter” sub-menu tab (#9) to create your own filter, like display data for only specific campaigns or average CPC. You can even save your filter for future use. Click the downward arrow (#10) to create the report. You can also schedule reports here as well.

New Adwords Reporting- Choosing Your Criteria

Once you press the “create” button, you will be prompted to either open or save your report to your computer. Make your choice and you have your report at your fingertips. If you’d like to access previously create or scheduled reports, simply click on “Control panel and library” to the left under the “All online campaigns” quick access box.

Thoughts on the New Adwords Report Access

Being a long time Adwords user, I’m not entirely happy with this change. Although it does create reports MUCH quicker and allows you to do so without leaving campaign management, I don’t agree with removing access to these report from the “Reports” tab. Doing so seems counter-intuitive and creates a real possibility that new users, never having run these reports, could easily overlook their existence. Perhaps in the future Google will make this new integration more seamless and intuitive. For now, it’s just a change that seems like it was not entirely thought through.