Cascade Server System Tags

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There are many system and system pseudo tags within Cascade Server that I often can’t remember exactly. Its like my brain doesn’t want to remember the correct spelling of asset (always wants to put assett) or I get frustrated trying to output CDATA tags and forget there’s a tag for that. I often go back to 5 main pages of Hannon Hill’s knowledge base that are worth bookmarking.

If your like me then you know what they do and how to use them; you just forget the exact syntax sometimes. Below is a quick reference I created for myself to get straight to the ones that I either use or forget about on a regular basis.

Also I wanted to include the following link for Commmonly used XSLT:

  • Cascade Server XSLT: Just found out about this one but it looks to be extremely useful for common XSLT formats within cascade.

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    Thanks for putting together such a helpful quick reference to Cascade.