A Real Comparison to Real Time Analytics

Est. Reading Time: 1 minute

If you have the money to spend on a real time analytic system,  a step above and beyond Google Analytics, I recommend either Omniture or Hitslink.  Listed below is a quick breakdown of the differences between these two companies.  Click on the images to see them on a fuller scale.


  • Costs more
  • More comprehensive reporting with additional drill down and customizable reports
  • You could eventually use this to replace GA entirely since it has a similar interface and functionality
  • More complex, higher learning curve
  • More time-consuming installation that requires more customization
  • Provides an integration of Adobe Suite including consolidation of PPC management
  • can potentially integrate additional data sources
  • can query the data warehouse for highly customized reporting


  • Costs less
  • More high level, easy to understand reporting with capabilities for custom reporting
  • Used as an addition to GA for top level real time KPI reporting
  • Easy, intuitive, lower learning curve
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Doesn’t provide consolidated paid search management, but does allow for campaign tracking
  • Doesn’t provide data API for additional data integration
  • Can’t query the data warehouse
  • Can create new funnels on the fly that are applied to historical data (below is a snapshot of an example  funnel page)