Web Marketing Pollution (5 of 5)

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Another crafty approach to scare smaller businesses into spending money.

Here’s another email message that uses statistics and link to charts to influence the reader.  This approach banks on people being gullible and too lazy to validate the claims.  This is an email that I received quite a while back, but I was saving it so I could vent about it later.



I clicked on the “Your Listings” page to see what was really going on.  This page is designed to support the vendor that owns this site.  At first glance, it makes you say, “Hey, I’m not doing well!”  But let’s peel back the onion here before we panic.  Bassett sells home furniture.  If you were looking to buy furniture, where would you search?  How would you search and what would you search on?

I would bet that MOST people would go to Google and type in “furniture store” or “furniture store fairview heights IL” or something more specific, like “dining room furniture”, depending on how granular of a search they wanted (most people nowadays use 3+ keywords in a search).  So, WHERE IS GOOGLE in this list?

Note that Bassett has visibility in all the ones mentioned.  The only difference is that some have reviews posted and some have paid for higher placement within the respective channel.  More importantly, keep in mind that usage of these marketing channels and directories are so minimal compared to search engines that for the most part, it’s really sufficient to simply be listed.

Also note that the visibility for the website is very high.



Now look at the keywords.  Here’s where I have a real problem.  Bassett is NOT a furniture liquidator.  It does NOT sell gemstones, stereos, precious metals, vcrs, antique furniture, nor are they a warehousing service or a pawnbroker.  These aren’t even close.  From a statistical standpoint, THIS MAKES THE ENTIRE REPORT pretty much WORTHLESS.



Now, let’s check Google (click image below).  Nice.  Out of 180,000 results, they show up in Google Local (1st page) and are ranked #3 (1st page) for “Furniture Store2 Fairview Heights IL”.  Lots of real estate on this MOST important page.  For good measure, I checked “furniture Fairview Heights IL” which returned the following (click image below).  A search on “dining room furniture fairview heights IL” displayed Bassett on page 1 and I easily found Bassett in the superpages.com link.