Successful SEO Tactics and the Art of the Perfect Date

Est. Reading Time: 5 minutes

Executing great Search Engine Optimization tactics to your website is much like personifying the perfect date.  Practice the tips below and I guarantee you will see fireworks at the end of the night and a higher page rank from the search engines.

1)      Choose the Right Target Market: Dating Translation: If you are about the age that I am and are looking to settle down with Mr. Right, your dream house, your Volvo C70, and your white picket fence, make sure you are dating men who are also ready for a commitment.  I wouldn’t recommend dating the bad boy from your circle of friends who has a new girl on his arm every time you see him.

The most important part of marketing your company is knowing exactly to whom you want to sell.  Your website is your biggest marketing tool to acquire the conversions you desire, so make sure that you direct your SEO strategy to gain relevant traffic to your website.

2)      Use Correct Title Tags on Each Page: Dating Translation: Always wear appropriate attire when going on a date.  If Mr. Right decides to take you to a go-cart track for the afternoon, I recommend wearing comfortable and casual clothes; now is not the time to pull out your Nine West heels and BCBG sequin dress.

Your title tag is the first impression the search engines have for your web page, so make sure that the title clearly reflects the content displayed on the page.  Also, you would never wear the same outfit on the first few dates, so never use the same title tag on more than one page.

3)      Use Appropriate Keywords on Each Page: Dating Translation:  Always be sure to answer the questions he may ask you with the appropriate answers.  For example, if he asks if you are dating anyone, your answer should be “No,” not “My heart will always belong to my favorite teddy bear Mr. Snuggles.”

One spends so much time and money focusing on the application of the right keywords on each and every page of your website.  Be sure you emphasize your content on what visitors of your demographic are searching for, not what you think the content should be.

4)      Reduce the Excessive Use of Keywords: Dating Translation: Do not talk constantly about your ex while on a date with Mr. Right.  If he asks about the last person you dated, explain briefly that the door to that part of your life is closed, and you are living in the present.  Do not continue babbling about how great Chester was.  After all, he was a 30-year-old man who still lived at home with his parents, thought MC Hammer Jam Pants were still in style, and believed that Justin Beiber will become the next patron saint.

Once you have chosen the right keywords to implement in your website pages, be sure you do not overuse them. It is very important to apply a good ratio of these keywords, so you do not appear to be “stuffing.”  Such is a quick way to find your website blacklisted on the search engines.  If you keep reminiscing about Chester, you will find yourself with a permanent reservation on your couch Friday nights watching the next Lifetime Movie Premier.

5)      Have an Effective and Relevant Linking Strategy: Dating Translation:  If you have a crush on a guy in your circle of friends, I recommend telling one or two of his best buddies that you like him to ascertain that the message finds its way to Mr. Right; however, telling everyone in his neighborhood and purchasing a billboard on I-40 East might not be the smartest move to inform him of your interest.

Implementing a linking plan to increase your website’s page rank is an excellent way to increase the amount of traffic browsing your website.  Even so, if you post links on irrelevant websites, you will not only be spending money, but also lots of unnecessary time because you are not going to receive the conversions you are seeking.  Similarly, the fastest way for Mr. Right to recognize the tip that you like him would be to tell those buddies with whom he spends the most time.  It would be a waste of your time to tell his old middle-school, baseball team buddies you discovered on Facebook that you like him because fifteen years later, they have little or nothing left in common and rarely if ever speak to one another.

Good luck, and may the SEO/Dating gods shine down upon you this year!