Checking if an Online Company is Trustworthy

Est. Reading Time: 2 minute

Many online businesses  get assailed by web marketing companies. Mark Dirks has written a series of blog posts about this bombardment called Web Marketing Pollution.

Below are some further questions you can ask and online tools to help you determine if an online company is on the up and up.


No, a post office box won’t do. Check the address in Google Maps Street View to see if an actual physical location exists.

Check the phone number using a reverse lookup at Check  to see if the phone number is unpublished or not.  An unpublished number can raise a red flag.

Check the company’s domain at  At, you can see the creation date of a website and get lots of great info.  If dates are very recent or don’t match with what is posted, a red flag is raised.

See if a previous version of the website exists at the Internet Archive WayBack Machine. Check past information on the  website for anything that may have changed

Check the websites referred to and see if information can be verified by a third party.

The online tools I have listed above should help you determine whether or not an online business is legitimate.