Web Marketing Pollution (3 of 5)

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Creative & Tricky Approach.  This one was quite tricky… Why?  …because I really was hopeful that it would be legitimate and mean something.  However, if I go back to my “what’s the catch” or “this is too easy” mentality, then I begin to smell a rat.  I did a lot of research on this and found many, many posts around the internet that confirmed that this is a pseudo-scam.  Very clever to make companies think that they are “ranked” as one of the “best” of anything.  Get me to put a “best of” seal on my website that links back to theirs.  Then guess what, they build up tons of inbound links, raising the authority of their site in the eyes of Google!  I found many, many websites that took the bait and not only posted the seal, but also issued press releases.  Oh, and while the “best” companies are being sucked into this scam, they tell them that they can get higher rankings by providing more information and possibly advertising on their website!  Now they can generate revenue through ads and possibly sell their contact information to list farms.  I asked myself (not out loud of course), “Why did they pick Beacon?”  “What was the criteria?”  No one ever called me.  I never filled out any applications to be named “Best of”.  Certainly, they didn’t decide one day, “Hey, let’s do some research on Beacon Technologies, comparing their web development services with others [somehow] and rank them!”  It was probably more like, “Let’s send this canned letter and see if Beacon’s management bites on this, makes a big deal about it and provides links to our website!”.

Regardless, I believe we are one of the best, but I would prefer that we be deemed such by much more legitimate criteria.