Mark Dirks

Web Marketing Pollution (2 of 5)

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“Professional Blogging” – Be Careful.   Yes, there are theories about blogging having a positive effective on organic search results, but I’m a big fan of “doing things for the right reasons”.  Otherwise, it will catch up with you.  I’m not opposed to having industry experts post on a blog that aren’t necessarily part of the company, but it has to be managed well and provide real value.  Building up what we call the “footprint” (relevant content) under your website certainly provides more information to the major search engines when they crawl your website and should improve your organic positioning…if it is done right.


Collect Email Addresses…the right way.  Use your website, social media and other channels to collect email information legitimately.  Make this a goal of your website by setting up goals and tracking accordingly in Google Analytics.

…stay tuned for chapter 3 on Monday!