Top 11 Online IT Resources That I Couldn’t Live Without

Est. Reading Time: 3 minutes

I’m kinda addicted to “Favorites”… I save TONS of websites in my Favorites list and would be lost without them.  Here’s a list of my most frequently used IT-related links– hopefully you’ll find some helpful too!

  1. The Best Designs — Super for finding modern and creative designs, but super frustrating if you are trying to search by keyword.  PLEASE ADD THIS FUNCTIONALITY NOW!
  2. Office Templates – Why figure out how to create a “Rack troubleshooting diagram (U.S. units)” from scratch when you can just download and edit one?  Also good for personal stuff like  “School Progress Report for 2nd Grade“.
  3. Microsoft Office Discussion Groups — Kinda tricky to figure out how to search and navigate, but once you figure it out, there’s a wealth of information here.  Microsoft staff are pretty active on the forums too, so you usually get an answer– eventually
  4. ASPDotNetStorefront Support Site – This is an e-commerce system that we use frequently at Beacon and this is by far the most active and helpful product support site I’ve ever used.
  5. Adobe Flash Version — It has gotten a little easier to figure out what version of Flash someone has on their computer (usually you can right click and look at “About”), but if you need the exact version (10.1.24) or are using an older browser/computer, visiting this site makes it easy to figure out.
  6. Browser Statistics — There’s a TON of great info on this site, but I use this one weekly… Mostly to find out if IE6 is dead yet!!  See my co-workers recent blog on this topic (IE6: “I’m Not Dead Yet”)
  7. eduStyle — Beacon works with lots of Universities, and this is a great site for keeping up with what is going on in higher ed web site design, particularly their annual awards for top designs
  8. Multi-browser testing — Great web apps for testing sites in lots of different browsers without having to install them
  9. Cnet Downloads- With all the crappy freeware out there, this site provides nice reviews of down-loadable software and a great search tool
  10. SurveyMonkey — Funny name, great product.  As someone that has created about 5,000 simple HTML forms for event registrations, data collection, etc., I give this product an A+ for flexibility and ease of use
  11. Experts Exchange — Mostly a paid site, but well worth the money.  When I’m at my wits end with an error message or a software issue, I’m bound to find somebody here that has faced the same thing… NOTE:  Be sure to add the “dash” in the URL, or you will be very surprised!

Did I miss one?  I’m always looking to expand the library of favorites… Please add it to the comments below…