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Seth Godin Comes to Greensboro

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Seth Godin- Linchpin

Ok, so, that title may be a little misleading. The actual Seth Godin, author of some of the most popular marketing books around like Purple Cow and Small is the New Big, is not physically coming here. But his ideas and tips are in a new unofficial Seth Godin Linchpin Meetup through

Although obviously a marketing ploy to promote his new book slyly called, you guessed it, Linchpin, Meetups are happening worldwide on Monday, June 14th to discuss his new book. How this Meetup is being described:

“A completely non-commercial chance to find and connect with other members of Seth’s tribe; an opportunity to talk, challenge, and inspire your fellow travelers around his new best seller – Linchpin.”

You may be wondering what exactly a “Linchpin” is. Well, if you’re a search marketer, you will probably understand the definition well.

Definition of linchpin:

An artist, who is not just some person who messes around with paint and brushes, but somebody who does (and I LOVE this term) “emotional work.” Work that you put your heart and soul into. Work that matters. Work that you gladly sacrifice all other alternatives for.

Being an SEM, we spend hours playing with code, doing keyword research for sometimes ridiculous terms, and get excited at the mere thought of moving up 2 spots in Google or going from PR4 to PR5. We do “emotional” work; work that other people and even clients sometimes think is either menial, frivolous, or both. We are obsessive but we do it because we love it and we know it will make a difference to our clients’ bottom line. We are artists.

So come out to meet some fellow artists in our area and share the evening discussing the job we love while thousands of people and Meetup groups around the world do the same. Kind of a cool unity, huh? Oh Seth, you sneaky marketer you.

Seth Godin Linchpin Meetup Group- Greensboro

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