5 Reasons Beacon’s Web Marketing Services beat our competition

Est. Reading Time: 4 minutes

  1. Our Team of consultants is comprised of some of the smartest people in the industry. Beacon’s web marketing clients are assigned an experienced consultant that’s worked with dozens of businesses overcoming an extremely wide range of challenges. Because we always have to identify challenges, create solutions, test those solutions, and prove value to retain clients and stay in business, we have become really good at it. Beacon’s web marketing team is made up of 8 Consultants including executive level expertise. The team has a combined 80+ years of experience with 5 having either MBAs or Masters in Computer Science. Not only do you get your specific expert assigned to your account, the entire team meets every Friday to discuss their accounts, strategies, and other challenges. This lends you the entire brain trust of the web marketing department for your specific challenges. Where else are you going to get this level of support and expertise for the cost of hiring any individual person or even another firm?  Nowhere, that’s where.
  2. Our organizational structure allows for our consultants to implement practically anything we dream up to test or provide as a campaign without having to hire a 3rd party. Beacon has three divisions including the Web Marketing Services, Software Development and Design, and Hosting Support Group. This means we have a lot of highly skilled technical resources at our disposal including senior level programmers, designers, front end, back end, transactional, database, hosting, server, domain, and anything else relevant to a website. So not only do you get the experience and expertise of our web marketing consultants, they literally have teams of highly technical resources to implement anything you and your consultant can dream up.
  3. We are a data driven firm. This is highly important because we use data to tell us how to improve your business. We use metrics as a feedback channel to identify weak or strong areas of your website or business processes. Once identified, we use our expertise and experience to create custom solutions. We then refer back to the data to see how effective the strategy was and if we need to take additional steps to continue success.    We also use advanced data and statistical systems such as GWO for A/B and multivariate testing.  This gives you a mathematical approach to guaranteed increases in conversions rates on your website. Need advanced statistical analysis between various datasets? Allow our computer scientist with advanced math degrees to tackle those for you.
  4. We are small enough to value your business but big enough to do everything the largest consulting firms can do. Beacon has around 30 employees which means we highly value every single one of our clients. Each of our web marketing consultants has a small handful of clients and will be with your account for the long term. With larger consulting firms, you can see high turnover in account executives and the consultants do not have as much invested in your success as we do because they can constantly be shifted to new projects. This can result in bringing in a new consultant who has to try to relearn your business and try a lot of the same strategies that might not have produced before. When a firm has hundreds or thousands of clients they lose the close personal relationship and you become a profit margin number to them. Even though Beacon is small, we offer world-class web marketing services and can send our teams of consultants on-site for evaluation and strategy planning sessions. We may be local but we play global.
  5. We’ve proven our value time and time again to dozens of businesses who can vouch for our capabilities. Not impressed with the other 4 yet? Well you should be but even if you aren’t, don’t take our word for it. We will gladly provide you a list of satisfied clients who can share their experiences with us. From large businesses producing several hundred million dollars a year in revenue to smaller local businesses with dreams of growing, we have a broad range of clients we’ve helped achieve their goals and would be happy to share their successes.
To find out for yourself why Beacon is one of the best full-service web marketing agencies around, give us a call or fill out the contact form to have one of our consultants evaluate your needs and plan a custom solution to accomplish your goals.