Staub Leadership Site Launch

Est. Reading Time: 1 minute

Beacon’s Cascade Server CMS services remain in high demand as we announce the launch of the new Staub Leadership website.  The new site incorporates some very interesting features under Cascade Server, such as:

Creative design was an important factor with this project as Beacon’s Creative Team produced the new design (several, actually!), new logo and branding colors.

Had lots of help on this one!  Thanks to Wendy Honneycut for a beautiful design and new logo and branding colors.  Thanks to Tiffany May for the site development and to Gary Synan for the trans work.  Thanks to Justin Klingman for CMS training/guidance, Annette Fowler for Project Management and to Wayne Van Zandt and William Nichols for assistance with the site launch. WELL DONE EVERYONE!