Measure this, Albert Einstein!

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes

Albert Einstein must have slipped when he claimed that “not everything that counts can be measured.” I wish I could have introduced him to the world of Dynamic Number Insertion/Replacement, in which you have the ability to measure and review the information surrounding your website. As for me, if I can’t count it, track it, or measure it, I have a difficult time finding it reliable. Call me crazy, but most of us need immediate gratification for our hard work, and dynamic phone tracking does just that by allowing you to quantify the success of your website and media advertising. What can I say? I’m just a numbers and figures kind of girl.

We use dynamic phone number replacement tracking for several of our clients to allow them to see and measure precisely which keywords, traffic sources, or paid campaigns are performing the best. Once we can apply a metrics to your call volume paths, we know exactly what areas need improvement for better conversion rates. Not only that, but now we can establish an actual cost per click to measure your paid search ROI more accurately.

Here is how it works:

First we install our code. We can provide a different number based upon whatever segmentation you want to review, such as by traffic source (organic, paid, referral, direct) or by keyword (branded or non-branded). We can even dig deeper and divide out the paid traffic by campaign! Then, when a visiting prospect comes to your website and contacts you by phone, we are able to segment that traffic lead to learn how the call generated. Do you want to see how well the money you are investing on a link partner’s site is operating? Well, now you can.

Here is another example: You begin a pay-per-click campaign and do not find the online conversions you hoped for, so you consider putting the money elsewhere. Then you let us install the dynamic phone tracking and discover that while you may not be receive any of your paid traffic to contact you through the web, more than half of your call center volume this past month contacted you by the number they found when visiting your site through a paid search. As you consider the results, do you still want to pull the plug on your Adwords account?

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