Tag…You’re it! The SEO Game of Title Tag Revisions

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Even though a title tag is just one small piece of a webpage, it is still one of the most important factors in a search engine’s algorithm to achieve the organic rankings you desire.  Despite your flashing lights and the sales copy for your site’s pages, the tag will pull visitors to your page.  It should be short but send a clear message.

If you update the content on your pages, don’t forget about the title tags!  These 65-70 characters are what actually appear on the search engine result pages (SERPs), so revising them will bring more clicks to your site.  Therefore, make sure that the search engines are indexing your revised pages correctly.

Here at Beacon Technologies, we often here customers ask, “Is it okay to include our company name in our title tags?”  I always answer yes unless you are completely ubiquitous in your market.  For Kleenex, I would say no, but for any highly competitive market, we would strongly recommend doing so.  Publicize your brand name!  However, make sure you add some strong keywords along with your name.

If you are not sure what keywords to use, take some time with the Keyword Tool from Google-  This gizmo is an awesome timesaver because it pulls its recommendations from actual Google search queries!

Finally, avoid any superfluous characters, such as ampersands, and never duplicate title tags throughout your site.  Additionally, don’t ever surpass 65-70 character spaces, or else the “…” will get you.

When looking for a quick fix to gain more exposure, remember your title tags!

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