Online Marketing Investing still Skyrocketing

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B2C and B2B online marketing investing is still FAR from where it SHOULD be and this Forrester Research article below discusses this amazing continual growth trend.  If you are a business owner and still watching from afar or slowly limping into online marketing, reconsider your strategy and find a great web marketing partner and start discussing ideas and strategies. It’s time to get serious. Your competitors are likely already there or planning to get there soon. So should you.

Forrester Article, By Michael Greene

Forrester’s five year forecast of B2B interactive marketing spending has gone live on the Forrester site. This report marks the beginning of a chain of research for interactive marketing professionals at B2B companies. It should be no surprise that B2B interactive marketing spending continues to grow – and quickly at that. We project B2B interactive marketing spending to hit $4.8 billion in 2014, over double an estimated $2.3 billion in 2009. That’s no number to sneeze at, but what impresses me most is that historically conservative B2B marketers are not only investing in interactive marketing, but actually shifting budget towards online channels. While all marketers need to adjust marketing plans to suit their unique marketing goals and purchaser behavior, I think our forecast reflects a few universal truths for B2B marketers:



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