Online Marketing Investing still Skyrocketing

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B2C and B2B online marketing investing is still FAR from where it SHOULD be and this Forrester Research article below discusses this amazing continual growth trend.  If you are a business owner and still watching from afar or slowly limping into online marketing, reconsider your strategy and find a great web marketing partner and start discussing ideas and strategies. It’s time to get serious. Your competitors are likely already there or planning to get there soon. So should you.

Forrester Article, By Michael Greene

Forrester’s five year forecast of B2B interactive marketing spending has gone live on the Forrester site. This report marks the beginning of a chain of research for interactive marketing professionals at B2B companies. It should be no surprise that B2B interactive marketing spending continues to grow – and quickly at that. We project B2B interactive marketing spending to hit $4.8 billion in 2014, over double an estimated $2.3 billion in 2009. That’s no number to sneeze at, but what impresses me most is that historically conservative B2B marketers are not only investing in interactive marketing, but actually shifting budget towards online channels. While all marketers need to adjust marketing plans to suit their unique marketing goals and purchaser behavior, I think our forecast reflects a few universal truths for B2B marketers:

  • Accountability reigns supreme. Even more than their B2C counterparts, B2B interactive marketers are highly focused on channels that deliver tangible business results. Search marketing has been an obvious beneficiary here and we expect B2B marketers to continue focusing on delivering quality leads through their interactive marketing efforts.


  • But digital isn’t just for sourcing leads anymore. Paid search is still the top interactive line item for B2B marketers, but display, mobile, and social marketing are all growing quickly. As B2B marketers gain experience with interactive marketing, they are beginning to stretch outside of their comfort zone and turn to channels that can spark brand interest and help educate potential customers.


  • B2B marketers can’t ignore social media. Consumer-focused marketers have been relatively fast out of the gate in adopting social marketing, but I believe that it’s B2B marketers who will ultimately gain the most from social technologies. B2B marketers have always understood the need to develop deeper relationships with customers, and while traditional sales and client service operations aren’t going to disappear, social media has emerged as key platform for informing decision makers during the sales process and engaging and supporting existing clients.

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    I think social Media Marketing playing vital role in Online marketing specially Both B2b and B2c.

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    To: Online Marketing UK
    From: Patrick Flanagan, Beacon Technologies

    Social Media Marketing is certainly playing a major role in total Online Marketing investments. As the usage of Social Networking increases, advertiser’s spending will follow. I enjoy following the market research of online ad spend and this article shares some facts to consider. The data shows that people are spending close to twice the amount of time online at social networking sites as compared to previous year, Dec 2008 to Dec 2009.

    Published on March 21, 2010
    by Lawrence Perry

    It is important to understand how people make use of social media if you want to use social media to reach people. Different market segments still use social media differently. Some people use Twitter more, some people use Facebook more. Aside from the frequency of use, there are other factors that can affect how you can use social media to market your products to your target market.

    Just like traditional media, you need to know more about your audience in order to be successful at selling to them. There are several steps involved in attracting clients to your products from grabbing the audience’s attention to the final stage of closing the sale. Understanding how market segments use social media will help you decide what social media to use and what approach you should take when using them.

    According to a study by The Nielsen Company, in the last month of 2009, people already spent more than 5.5 hours on social media sites. The year before, people only spend 3 hours. This means that social media use has definitely been on the rise. This means that companies are right in increasing social media spending. People are using social media more these days.

    According to a survey by Pew, among those surveyed, 72% of teens and 40% of 30-year-old adults use social networking sites. The younger group are much likely to have no LinkedIn profile than the older set. Majority of the young set or 66% of the teens used MySpace while only 36% of the adults used the social networking site. Facebook seems to be a popular site among teens and adults with 71% of teens surveyed being on the social site and 75% of adults using the service. Teens are also blogging less according to the survey. Only 14% of the teens surveyed said they blog, compared to 28% in 2006.

    Twitter users continue to be dominated by adults. Only ten percent of teens aged 14-17 use Twitter. Only 5 percent of teens aged 12-17 use the service. Another report published recently by eMarketer reveals that a bigger percentage of Baby Boomers (aged 44-62) now use social networking sites compared to the year 2008. The same survey shows that 13 percent of Baby boomers maintain Twitter accounts while 17% of Matures (aged above 63 years old) maintained Twitter accounts. Thirteen percent of Boomers used Linkedin and only 4% of the Matures maintained LinkedIn accounts.

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