How Can I use Social Media for My Business

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Social Media… It seems to be one of the buzz words that online marketers love to throw around.   What does it really mean and is it really important for your business?   I started out in the business in SEO several years ago before the phrase “social media” really existed and my goals were about getting more qualified visitors to a website where they would interact with the content.

Before there were social media giants like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter people would generally start their web experience at a search engine.   These served as the best portal to access information online so people “congregated” there.   What these new social media websites provide is another portal to the web where users interact with networks of people they know.    Several aspects of our daily lives are being digitally organized so we interact with the web in such a way that it consistently provides information that is more relevant to our daily lives than when we just search for a specific piece of information.

10 years ago the web didn’t have a lot of personal information.   People historically used the web to search for things.  The reason Google is so successful is they provide a portal that organized random information better than anyone else.   Now, that information is personal.   Our friends, what they did last night,  who liked who’s dog picture is all online.    Social media organizes personal information the way search engines organized random non-personal information.    We are naturally going to spend more time with and trust portals to our personal information than non-personal.
What does this mean to you as a business?
Check out the following web statistics image from  Their data was compiled from the following sources.