Annette Fowler

What is a GAAC anyway and why should I care?

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Recently I attended a meeting with one of Beacon’s account executives where he was explaining Beacon’s status as a “GAAC” and it occurred to me that some of our blog readers may either not know that Beacon has achieved this status or what that even is!

You may have read about Beacon’s exclusive status as a “GAAC” or “Google Analytics Authorized Consultant” and wondered is that just fancy marketing-speak or does it really mean something?  Well, it was actually the result of months of work, interviews with Google professionals and staff and an over 100 page application detailing Beacon’s testing results, processes, team and company.  So no, it wasn’t easy!

Google “insiders” told us that they were very impressed with Beacon’s application, particularly with regard to our ability to provide real expertise in search engine marketing, Google Analytics consulting, Google Website Optimizer and web development.  Most search engine management/Google Analytics firms are primarily marketing-based and either outsource development or merely offer recommendations to their customers for development and testing, making it very difficult to actually EXECUTE Google website optimization.

So, once again you ask– what IS a GAAC??  Google Analytics Authorized Consultants are companies that have been thoroughly vetted by Google and can provide expertise in both Google Analytics and Website Optimizer products.  We provide hands-on help with setup, configuration, reporting, segmentation, and tracking through consulting with your internal staff.  In addition, as a GAAC, we have access to an exclusive resource network of GAACs and Google staff.  So if we haven’t already seen your particular issue, we’re sure that the GAAC community can help us resolve it (and we welcome the challenge!).   We are experts in the “World of Google” as it were.  In fact, at this time there are fewer than two dozen ”GAACs” in the U.S.,  so we are a very exclusive group!

So after all that serious business– and it is serious– contact us to find out just how we can use Google tools to increase your sales and productivity!  How about a little fun?

You have a new website And want to sell stuff, right? You need to use Google And still be quite frugal.

I am your GAAC To help you keep track Of all of your clicks With no tech speak or tricks!

OK, so maybe I should keep my day job… But hopefully you learned something about GAACs!