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The University of Hartford Site Launch

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The University of Hartford

The University of Hartford launched its redesigned Cascade server site yesterday afternoon. Although Hannon Hill was responsible for the design and Cascade Server implementation, Beacon was critical in the weeks leading up to launch with Cascade development, training and consultation…

A large part of Beacon’s work on the site included the calendaring and news room areas:

  • Campus Calendar: Beacon developed, from scratch, a highly flexible calendaring application within Cascade Server CMS that allows Harford to enter events one time and display them in numerous ways.  For example– the home page, Camps Calendar and Arts & Events Calendar all display the same events, but they are formatted very differently.  In addition, the CMS administrator can create calendars “on the fly” for just certain groups (Library, Athletics, etc.) with the Cascade templates Beacon created.
  • Newsroom:  The Newsroom contains a section of press releases (maintained in CMS), an RSS feed from a 3rd party university provider and editable content areas for “Media Contacts” and “Key Contacts”.  All of this info is controlled and formatted in Cascade Server CMS with various data definitions to present the visitor with a cohesive and polished look.

Besides these, Beacon was instrumental in rebuilding the left navigation, implementing a web alert system using a shared Access database, and many other enhancements.  Of special note was that the Project Management for this project was critical in order to fully test the new website and meet tight deadlines required by the client.