Web Marketing Relevance Trumps Frequency; In The Army Too

Est. Reading Time: 2 minute

I saw this on the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) blog this morning and liked the tips from Colonel Rudy Burwell, communications guru – and am glad to see that web marketing tools are really making an impact in every industry as we slowly learn what works and doesn’t work. Industries are achieving the growth and exposure they need through fantastic web marketing tools like AdWords, Google Analytics,  sophisticated retail store fronts, online merchant accounts, hosting and content management sites like WordPress. Never has the control been easier for a business owner, non-profit, university or the health care system.

Colonel Rudy Burwell, director of the Army Reserve Communications, began their foray into web marketing and  social media with a question: How can we better tell the story and put a face on the Army Reserves? Integrating web marketing, and social media elements into their traditional coverage gave reservists an outlet for their stories and a faces to the Army Reserve mission. Colonel Burwell shared this great advice on why web marketing and social media has worked for them – What Works (10 +1):

1. Real speech. 2. First person. 3. Make fan part of the story. 4. Relevance trumps frequency. 5. Great photo goes a long way. 6. Raw, real and messy video. 7. Don’t edit real life. 8. Monitor and acknowledge. 9. Robust rules of engagement on all platforms. 10. Segment if necessary. 11. If you are having fun, so will your fans.

What really came across in this session is the power of energy. Military is great for planning and processes, but to embrace and further social media, they had to engage fans on an individual level. Everyone has a story to share.