Annette Fowler

What’s New in AspDotNetStorefront Version 9

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I returned from the AspDotNetStorefront Developer’s conference in July with lots of exciting news about the upcoming release of AspDotNetStorefront ML Version 9, entitled “Ashland” (apparently a city in Ohio, near their headquarters).  Though no official release date has been publicized (Beta release was 10/7/09), my inside sources tell me mid to late November.

Here’s what’s in “store” (pun intended!):

  • ERP synchronization– real-time integration with third-party and back office applications
  • Enhanced Kit product layout– the older versions had kind of a clumsy kit interface; this one is much nicer user experience and Ajax-based.  Allows for images for kit options and toolbox .NET controls.
  • Multi-Store– allows a single database and common administrators to manage products of multiple domains/stores.  Ideal for stores with up to 100,000 products, 10-20,000 entities and 200-300 orders per day
  • Configurable URL-rewrites– Allows URL to be customized for search engine optimization purposes
  • Entity page sorting– ability for visitor to sort category/department/manufacturer listing pages
  • Adhoc WYSIWYG report generator in Admin
  • Ajax-based mini cart
  • Support for postal codes formatted by countries other than U.S.
  • Support for versioning and nesting topic pages
  • Coupon start dates and product exclusions
  • Page-level, role-based security in Admin
  • Direct integration with Avalara Tax Service and Velaro Chat Service

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