Got Video? Building Your Brand Through Video Social Media

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Whether we want to admit it or not, the rules of advertising, branding and marketing have changed. Advertising used to rely on interrupting people to get them to notice the message. It was one-way, all about selling and based on limited life campaigns. But there are new rules now, new delivery systems, tools,  and  new segmented audiences as we are not speaking to the masses anymore.  Uploading company information onto YouTube and sharing information on numerous social media sites is almost effortless once you build content. With the click of an icon your brand can now be launched on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, as a RSS feed or any number of iPhones, blogs or bookmarking sites. With a bit of time and some professional help, anyone can create a quality video for marketing a message quickly and to a large number of potential new customers.

What we are seeing through the new social media is a shift toward transparency and humanness with the web transforming the rules. People are responding to videos with humor, instruction, tips, news, DIY, interviews, caught-on-tape bits, music, documentation and education- all with the ability to interface with a corporation with a real face. A company video is a great social media tool that simply breaks down the barriers between consumer and brand.

Survey Says released a new survey announcing that video noticeably increases the popularity of any company. With the introduction of video marketing, it has been vital to have web video in order to remain competitive. Companies are just now accepting the truth -  from small operations to large, that the online video ad is the backbone of sales. A report entitled “Frames of Reference: Online Video Advertising?” was recently published by the Online Publishers Association (OPA). This report revealed an astounding 80% jump in video viewership. Also visitors who viewed the online video, around 46% took some action. According to the same report, around 22% of viewers visited the related website, 26% searched for more information, 15% visited the company and 12% purchased that specific product. Look at it this way, without this – your sales would be down 12%.

Going Viral

Your company video on viral steroids is everyone’s gold standard, however I believe you need a dash of creativity and a simple clever edge to make it big. This is clearly superseding stuffy self promoting ads and sales pitches.Take the viral YouTube smash hit (pun intended) “Will It Blend” as an example of simple authenticity and quirkiness. That video has received over 3.8 million views since its online inception in 2006. Now the company has created over 90 “Will it Blend” videos, ( receiving tens of millions of views. Their most popular video is where a new iPhone is blended into a pile of dust.  All to show in a clever yet simple way, how strong that gosh darn blender really is. From marbles to golf balls and soda cans, Utah-based Blendtec has blended the seemingly impossible.  (Plus it’s cool because this is something we would be in trouble for doing as kids.) The company, which makes blenders for consumer and commercial use, has increased its sales into the millions while gaining brand recognition that’s really priceless.

It’s a Wrap

It’s not cheating to look at the successes of those who came before you along with tips on what makes a good company video. Here are a few.

Keep in mind, visual walk-throughs and Q& A panels can be a great advantage for customer service. Videos of your company at trade show events, snippets of public presentations at conferences, receiving awards in the community or engaging with the media can quickly establish your company’s reputation and build value. And don’t forget the effectiveness of private videos for use in management and new employee training, in store promotion, lobby TV, and as links in news releases and case studies.

These video marketing ideas are the “work-hard-and-save” stories with happy endings in a new shift going into the digital world. Will it be you? How do you plan to use social media in 2010?

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