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Keyword Tool from Google – How to use it for keyword research

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Micheal Phelps

If your going for search traffic gold, keyword research takes a major precedent. I often use the Google AdWords tool to conduct keyword research or the Google Traffic Estimator.

To get a more approximate measure of how much Google organic traffic specific keywords will generate to your website with the Google Keyword Tool, here are some steps that you can follow in the Keyword Tool:

First enter your keyword or keyphrase.

Keyword Tool

Click on Get Keyword Ideas

Switch the match type to “Exact”.

Exact match

Click on “Local Search Volume” to sort.Local search

If you have one of the top spots in the Google search rankings you might get a small percentage of that keyword traffic volume in a month. The average CTR for the first page of the Google results is close to 10%. The first page is everything and the first result even better which can garner close to 40%  of the clicks that go to the first page. The Google Traffic Estimator will give you a rough approximation of how much Google traffic to your website you can expect per keyphrase.

Top terms would have more than 1000 searches per month and “long-tail” would have 100 or less per month.

Use it as a rule of thumb, there may be other extenuating factors that can skew your numbers. Again, this method should not be considered accurate. Oftentimes, it does come close.

Using the broad match, global search estimates, or not factoring in your search ranking makes the Google AdWords tool only useful in a very broad of scope which is not helpful for individual website traffic estimates.

There is a big disparity in clicks between the first page top rankings and the first page bottom rankings. Not having the number one ranking is like coming in second place after Michael Phelps in the Olympics.

I don’t remember who it was either.