Google Caffeine Update. SEO that is fresh and smoking hot.

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Google announced a change to its search infrastructure and is calling the change “Google Caffeine.” Implying faster web results, the objectives of the next generation of Google were revealed in a Google Webmaster Central Blog post.

In the post, three words immediately jumped out at me.




Google wants to do these three things “as quickly as possible.”

Caffeine is coming after the heels of Microsoft’s new Bing search engine which had a knack for reporting news very quickly. Not a slack, Google has created Caffeine to bring more relevant results to the search rankings faster.

Not only does Google want to be quicker on the draw, Google wants to be more efficient. A recent New York Times article on job opportunities in statistics mentioned a Googler who had worked on a new Google algorithm model that “increased the chances that the crawler would scan frequently updated web pages and make fewer trips to more static ones.”

For search engine optimization, Caffeine certainly places more emphasis on keeping content updated and fresh. I am sure we will see fluctuations in the search rankings as part of your everday cup of joe.