…an airport conversation

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The Setup: Two people are sitting at the airport waiting to catch a flight. They do not know one another.

Person #1 is a Business Owner. Person #2 is Beacon Sales Guy.

Business Owner (Person #1) looks to Beacon Sales Guy (Person #2) and sighs: “What a day! I just lost my 3rd major account this year. Apparently they had grown tired of telephoning and faxing in orders and receiving shipments the following week. They found another supplier that could actually take orders online and process and ship next day. Whatever happened to the telephone and fax machine? Whatever happened to personal relationships? What’s the world coming to?”

Beacon Sales Guy (shaking his head slowly): “Hmmm. That is tough news to hear. Sounds like a very bad year for your business. My timing may be off here perhaps but my company, Beacon Technologies, actually helps companies automate outdated processes by developing custom integrated ecommerce and ordering websites. We build ecommerce and ordering websites that integrate real-time to our customers accounting and inventory systems. Your clients would actually be able to purchase products, review order history, check inventory levels, receive customer specific pricing and much more if we were your web partner. Sales would quadruple. I promise!!!” (okay, i actually would not say the last two sentences but you get the idea)

Business Owner: ” Sounds like a lot of fancy fast talk to me. Whatever happened to simply picking up the phone and calling in an order? Geez!!!”

Beacon Sales Guy: “Well, actually it’s not really that fancy. Automating your ordering process to an automated web system can be a bit complex but we do it everyday. It is EXACTLY what we do!!”

Business Owner: “Well you seem rather confident. Do you think you can help little ‘ole me?”

Beacon Sales Guy: We are experts with all things ‘web’. Call me Monday and we’ll talk. (okay, i would actually ask for his phone number at this time)

Like the Business Owner above, are you struggling to find a reliable web partner? Have you had several web partners over the past 5 years and they are simply not meeting your expectations?

Beacon will succeed!

About Beacon: Sure, Beacon Technologies has been in business for over 10 years. Sure, Beacon has 30 employees and can offer you vast expertise and experience with web strategy and implementation. Sure, Beacon has a proven process and methodology to deliver high quality websites and web application, from start-to-finish, on-time and on-budget. Sure, Beacon’s Graphical Design Team is excellent. Just ask them!!! Sure, Beacon’s Content Management Software is flexible, robust, reliable, SEO-friendly, and fully licensed and supported technology. Sure, Beacon’s CSS, UI, Web Designers are exceptional. Sure, Beacon’s application developers, database administrators, system integration experts will develop a self-service system that will scale for you for years to come. Sure, Beacon’s Managed Hosting services at TW Telecom Co-location Data Center is world class. Sure, Beacon’s Project Management Team will truly please you with their personalities, energy, and attention-to-detail. Sure, Beacon’s PCS Maintenance Team is well organized to facilitate ongoing minor maintenance request with a ticketing system to manage the workload. Sure, Beacon’s Search Engine Marketing services are highly capable to deliver measurable results and positive ROI. Sure, Beacon’s SEM Team has been recognized by Google as experts with both tools: Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer

But how can this help you?

If this sounds interesting or familiar (even just slightly)…call Beacon and let’s talk!

Full-Service Web Development Firm

  • Website Design and Develop
  • Content Management Software – with Cascade Server
  • Custom Software Application Development
  • Integrated eCommerce (frontend to backoffice)
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Analytics Authorized Consultants, Google Analytics Partner List
  • Site/Application Maintenance
  • Hosting – Website/Server/Email
  • Logo/Branding Design

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