Web Hosting Essentials

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Welcome to my first blog on Web hosting. Since I’m a big sports guy, I relate this “blogging” debut to a rookie getting called up to big leagues. So, forgive me if I have “opening day” blogger nerves but I hope you’ll find the post informative when choosing a hosting option.

There are several aspects to having a successful web site, but one of the most important components is having a dependable web hosting company. Once you’ve made your investment developing a great looking site, and you’re running your entire business on-line, the last thing you need is for your site to be down or hacked or be incredibility slow. So, it’s important to choose the right hosting company that has the features you need for your web site to be running efficiently 24x7x365. Here are three important factors when evaluating hosting solutions:

So, let’s break down each of these items to identify the important features of each one.

Reliability Features

Redundancy Features

Scalability Features

The bottom line is that your hosting company needs to be able to grow with your business as well as having all of the features needed to manage and monitor your web site.  So, when considering hosting options don’t forget these handy tips, and if you need help just gives us a call.