A Social Media Audit Can Help Ensure You're Reach the Right Audience Through the Right Channels

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With so many different social channels, am I using them effectively? 

A Social Media Audit gives you a quick, structured view of your social media marketing efforts.  We focus on the primary social media channels to identify areas of strength and opportunity for your business based on our extensive experience in best practices. 

A Social Media Specialist will evaluate your setup in the appropriate social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogs, Pinterest, etc.  The content, promotions, structure, activity and ads will be assessed, along with how social media integrates with your website. 

There's a lot to consider with your social media marketing strategy.  Know how you stack up!  Our Specialist rates the critical areas and provides valuable insights and recommendations that you can apply immediately to move ahead.

The following critical areas will be evaluated:

  • Setup:  Branded profiles are setup; Each profile is complete with company verbiage; Each profile is complete with properly sized custom images; Administrator access is properly configured; Vanity URLs have been acquired; Upgraded to include latest features; Blog exists and is regularly updated; Blog is properly tagged for Google authorship; Blog RSS feed (exists, distributed across social platforms); All platforms are cross-integrated with tabs/iFrames
  • Website Integration:  Website is verified on each social platform; Social badges are installed on website; Social buttons at product detail or page level; Proper GA tracking is installed on buttons/badges; Platform specific code for social tagging installed; Social goals/events are configured in GA; Photos/posts/blogs embedded & most recent
  • Content:  Posts include media types that foster engagement; Posts include a mix of marketing and engagement; New content is being regularly distributed; Analytics tools utilized to optimize and drive content; Target Keywords are being used in content creation; Native platform features are being used properly; Customer service and brand reputation management; Branding is consistent across all social platforms; Social activity conforms to each platform's policies, guidelines
  • Promotion:  Social profiles promoted across other marketing channels; Social Media email campaigns exist and are being utilized
  • Ads:  Paid ad campaigns are being utilized on social platforms; Paid ad campaigns are optimized for each social platform; Remarketing is being utilized on social platforms; Social extensions in AdWords are being used where appropriate; Custom campaigns executed using platform specific applications.
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