An SEO Audit Will Help You Get the Most Out of Organic Search

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Is my SEO strategy effective? 

An SEO Audit will quickly reveal your strengths and weaknesses - arming you with actions to immediately get better SEO results. 

An SEO Specialist will evaluate keyword targeting, site structure (on-page and off-page), tags, authority, your webmaster tools utilization and several other key areas with respect to best practices in SEO. 

You will receive a copy of the completed audit and discuss findings and recommendations directly with the SEO Specialist.

The following critical areas are evaluated:

  • Targeting:  Keyword identification & use, Unique and descriptive content, Use of H tags within content, Internal anchor links within content, Specifically targeted landing pages,   Use of keywords in URL strings, Short and static URLs, Keywords in anchor tags (navigation)
  • Site Structure:  Dilution via internal navigation (quantity of links), Crawlable by search engines (navigation & content), Canonical tags (internal navigation), Robots.txt file, Broken links, Use of redirects, Sitemap.xml, Both "www" and "non-www" do not resolve, Clear relationship between http and https, Mobile-optimized site
  • Tags:  Alt text and file names in images, "View All" feature for pagination, Canonical tags in pagination, Rich Snippets usage: Review/Ratings, Address, etc., Meta description tags, Title tags count range, Duplication of title tags, Descriptive & keyword rich title tags
  • Site Structure: Google indexation, Duplicate content issues
  • Trust:  Page Rank/authority competitiveness, Google backlinks (anchor and quality),  Internal PR/authority distribution
  • Other:  WebMaster Tools account utilization, No-follow usage
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