Get the Most Out of Your PPC Budget with a Paid Search Audit Conducted by Seasoned Pros

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Can I get more from my Paid Ads? 

A PPC Audit covers many critical areas in one report to reveal what you are doing well and what needs attention with your paid search marketing strategy. 

A PPC Specialist will evaluate your account configuration, budget, conversion results, campaigns, groups and keywords, bid settings, product integration, display and negative placements, as well as review your change history. 

You will receive a copy of the completed PPC Audit, which may validate your current practices or point you to some much needed improvements.

The following critical areas are evaluated:

  • Account Configuration:  Proper Set-up of Campaigns; Structure; Use of Search; Use of Display; Google Merchant Account Sync; Google Analytics cost data linkage; Google Analytics sessions match clicks
  • Budget:   Device Differentiation; Impression Share; Max CPC Settings; Location Differentiation
  • Conversions:  Tracking Viewthrough for Display/remarketing; Deduplication; Setup and Configured;  Importing Revenue
  • Campaigns:  Geo-targeting; Setup follows logical and intuitive structure; Remarketing Setup and Usage;  Google Product Listing Ads; Location Extensions; Sitelink Extensions; Ad Scheduling/Day Parting
  • Groups & Keywords:  Ad copy rotation settings/ volume; Volume of keyword targets per group; Site Link Extensions; Match Type Review; Quality Score Review; Clickthrough Rates Review; Use of Negatives
  • Other:  Bid Settings; Display Placements; Negative Placements; Account Activity Change History Review
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