Lead Generation Conversion Audit

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Should my website be generating more leads? 

A Digital Marketing Specialist will evaluate your website's conversion funnels, navigation, site search, home page, contact page(s), landing pages, design, analytics and lead generation features to validate practices and more importantly, identify opportunities to drive more leads to your business.  

After 15+ years in the web solutions industry, we've seen all kinds of websites and all kinds of lead generation tactics.  Some work.  Some don't.  Sometimes you just need a little tuning.  Get candid feedback from an industry expert, along with key insights and recommendations that you can apply immediately.

The following critical areas will be evaluated:

  • Navigation: Primary Navigation Usability for Visitor Flow; Intuitive Categorization and Drilldowns
  • Site Search: Location and ease of access; Sorting; Filtering; Auto serve/Misspellings
  • Homepage: Clear brand value proposition; Clear calls to action; Clear click target to proceed
  • Contact Page: Design and Usability
  • Landing Pages: Secondary Navigation; Internal links to drive engagement; Good engagement metrics; Provides stickiness to reduce bounce rates; Offering message is specific to each page's topic
  • Lead Generation: Ease of access for users to convert; Visible Phone Number; Dynamic Phone Tracking;  Field/Information Requirements; Incentive offered in exchange for personal info; Clear value proposition for lead conversion; Thank you message/confirmation; Provides easy/fast email subscribe option
  • Design: Doesn't clutter the space, adds value to the organization; Has a competitive and modern design; Look and Feel of website (Images); Intuitive for users to quickly know your organization/offering; Calls to action are easily distinguishable; Links & Buttons are easily distinguishable; Buttons are easily distinguishable; Serves multiple devices (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • Analytics: eCommerce tracking is configured (if ecommerce); Goal tracking configurations/funnels are in place
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