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Is Google Analytics setup effectively for my business?  

A Google Analytics Audit is probably the most important one to request, especially if you depend on GA for business decisions.  Make sure that you are on a solid foundation and aware of all the possibilities. 

As a long-term Google Analytics Certified Partner, you can count on a our experts to evaluate your setup, configuration, feature utilization, source tagging, Google product integration (webmaster tools, Adwords) and review advanced features.  In doing so, we'll assess the most important features like site search, filtering, ecommerce tracking, segmentation, social integration, advanced segments, custom reports, goal setup, conversion funnels, event tracking and goal paths. 

Whether your Google Analytics implementation is feature-rich, or basic, have our GA Expert help you get the most out of this powerful and extremely valuable tool.

The following critical areas are evaluated:

  • Setup:  Proper UA-ID Utilization, Account structure, Segmentation of data via views, Google Tag Manager or other tag management, GA remarketing list setup and segmentation, GATC Type and Syntax is using latest Version, GATC is using appropriate methods for environment; Dual, Cross-Domain, or other specialized tracking
  • Configuration:  Customizations (with respect to tracking accuracy); Session data is maintained throughout the sessions; General Settings; Use of Filters; Site Search;       Ecommerce Tracking; Default Page; Dashboard; Profile segmentation of various properties;  PDF downloads (and other document types);
  • Feature Utilization:  Navigation-based Event Tracking; Content-based Event Tracking;      Goals Setup and configuration; Goal Funnel setup and configuration; User-ID / Cross-device data collection; User segmenetation via Custom Dimensions; Additional Custom Dimensions/Variables; Content Grouping; Advanced Segments & Custom Reports
  • Source Tagging:  Email, shopping, feeds, etc.
  • Google Product Integration: Webmaster Tools; Adwords Account
  • Advanced: Integrating Offline Conversions into your GA account; Integration of other marketing traffic/cost data; Use of Annotations to track events (ie promos, events, etc.)
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