Email Marketing Audits Can Help Improve Your Open Rates, Click-Thru Rates, and Conversions

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How effective are my email marketing efforts and what can I do better? 

An Email Marketing Audit provides valuable feedback to both validate current practices and identify new opportunities.  Beacon's Email Marketing Specialist will evaluate your account setup, general practices, feature utilization and integration to grade 33 different critical areas. 

With your assessment in hand, coupled with a discussion with your Reviewer, you will have expert insights and recommendations to make your email marketing strategy even more successful.  Learn about call-to-action optimization.  Get ideas on how to grow your email list. Discuss the importance of landing page optimization.  Learn more about custom workflows, behavior-based triggers, re-mailing, social sharing and much more.

The following critical areas will be evaluated:

  • Account Setup: Define Goals, Message & Audience;List Management (Creation & Segmentation); Data Collection (Minimum Amount Gathered); Autoresponder (Subscribe/Unsubscribe Functionality); Email Campaign Design; Email Series Design; Branding/Messaging Consistency; Communication Preference Management; Email Privacy Policy (CAN-SPAM Compliance)
  • General Practices:  Engaging Information & Content Links; Use Of Taglines, Logo & Brand Identity; Code Is Up To Date & Images Use Alt-Tags; Text, Mobile, & Web Version of Campaign; Share & Follow Social Icons; Cross Platform Readability (Browsers/Devices); Email List Signups On Website, Social & Blog; Integration with CRM
  • Feature Utilization:  Effectively Testing Emails; Call-To-Action Optimization; Subject Line & "From"; Email Domain Testing; Email Tagging & URL Tracking; A/B Testing To Improve Conversion Rates; Landing Page Optimization; Custom Reporting For Campaigns; Email Conversion & Traffic Tracking; Campaign Scheduling & Optimization
  • Integration:  Custom Workflows & Actions; Behavior-Based Triggers (Abandonment, Signup, etc); Remailing; Subscription & Promotion Campaigns; Social Sharing & Auto-Posting; CRM Backend Reporting; Progressive Profiling To Collect Extra Data
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