An eCommerce Audit is Perfect for Sites Getting Traffic but Few Sales

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How can I turn more shoppers into buyers? 

A Digital Marketing Specialist will evaluate critical elements in the buying process that are factors in closing more sales. 

By taking a close, integrated look at the checkout funnel, navigation, site search, images, product detail pages, product offering, product listing pages, shopping cart, design and other important areas, opportunities for improvement will be identified.  Just a slight increase in your conversion rate could equate to significant new revenue!  During the review of your ecommerce conversion audit, share your concerns and obtain some valuable insights so you can get more from the traffic you already have.

The following critical areas are evaluated:

  • Navigation:  Primary Navigation Usability for Visitor Flow; Doesn't distract with too many options; Intuitive categorization and drilldowns
  • Site Search:  Location and ease of access; Sorting; Filtering
  • Images:  Quality; Ease of Access to larger views
  • Product Detail Page:  Call to action; Product descriptions; Layout
  • Product Offering:  Overall Selection in relation to competitors; Pricing in relation to competitors
  • Product Listing Page:  Usability and functionality
  • Shopping Cart Page:  Simplicity; Ease of access; Call to action; Design for consumer confidence
  • Checkout Process:  Number of steps; Ease of overall process; Provides consumer confidence in transaction; Distractions from primary purpose; Display of critical product information; Shipping rates and display methods; Volume of data fields for user to input; Consumer badges
  • Other:  Google+ verified business; Soft Conversion Points (Email list growth); Look and Feel to website
  • Design:  Serves multiple devices (mobile, tablet, desktop); About us page with contact information
  • Personalization:  Product recommendations; Range of payment options
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