Comprehensive Website Audit: How Do You Stack Up?

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Comprehensive Website Audit: How Do You Stack Up? 

How do I get more from my Website?

Whether you are disappointed with your website’s performance or just curious, it’s important to get regular audits so you can stay on top of the ever-changing internet world and ahead of your competitors. An audit of your website assesses all of the significant areas so you can most effectively engage your visitors to provide the information they are seeking, and drive sales.

Digital Marketing, Creative Designers and Technical Experts will review the design, user experience, content, accessibility, Google Analytics, SEO, social media, and paid search aspects of your site. Learn what you are doing right and what needs adjustments – to ensure that your website aligns with current best practices and, most importantly, is a strong sales asset.  

Our audit staff will review and score your website on 33 important factors, provide written recommendations identifying actions you can take immediately, and discuss their findings with you, line-by-line, to answer your questions.

The following critical areas will be evaluated:

  • Design:  General best practices, website look-and-feel, branding standards/identity, calls-to-action, points of emphasis, unique differentiators
  • User Experience:  Mobile usage, navigation, site search
  • Content:  Messaging, homepage and landing page elements, news, events
  • Accessibility:  508 and WCAG compliance
  • Google Analytics:  Integration of tools and products into GA (Adwords, Search Console), proper setup/configuration, reporting dashboard, user segmentation
  • Technical SEO:  Assessing SEO effectiveness, proper attention to keyword targets (unique/descriptive content), crawlable site structure & tactics for Search Engines (navigation/content), canonical tags
  • Social Media:  Consistent branding across platforms, effective integration of social content
  • Paid Search (PPC):  Opportunities to improve, or take advantage of paid search techniques (branded and non-branded), utilization of paid search, and level of optimization for rankings for targeted keywords and audiences

Stop Wondering. See how your website really stacks up! 
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