Thanks to our clients for all their kind words!

Beacon Technologies has provided web and application server hosting for the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners since 2002. We are extremely happy with Beacon's strong customer service orientation, very knowledgeable technical support, as well as tactical and strategic advice that keep our web site design, hardware and software up-to-date. Beacon is a reliable friend that we can count on, and it's hard to put a price on that.
     Paul Kissman | Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners

We now choose vendors on customer service as it seems the thing most hard to find. If I have a problem, they call back or email like Beacon!
     Derek Holding | International Yacht Charter Group

I know that we'll be in contact going forward, but I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated all the hard work and patience you and your team put forth! I think the new site looks stunning! The Beacon team has been great from my perspective! I'm sure we'll be in contact for future digital marketing efforts once the booster shot is done and RoadSafe has a few months of GA data to analyze results.
     Andrea Heilman VP PerformInsight, LLC

Success!!! Impressed by your supreme awesomeness. Thanks-A-Million! You guys rock!

Folks here are very pleased with the designs and we have some wording things to fine tune but all and all we are sitting pretty with stakeholders! THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! Can't wait to unveil at the kick off meeting next week for the LANL implementation/launch team. I am so appreciative of your efforts and grace and professionalism. I feel more than a bit of loss at this stage of the game --- I feel so connected to you and Wendy and your ability to get the job done! Again you have exceeded expectations on all fronts and especially in meeting our imposed deadlines. Sincerely, it has been a pleasure to work beside you and experience your nice teaming and then benefit from the quality of your work.
     Ann Rafferty Los Alamos National Laboratory

We're very pleased with Beacon's final work, incorporating all of our concerns into the final design for all pages. Thanks so much!
     Linda T. Deck Bradbury Science Museum

Thanks so much! It has been such a fun and rewarding process. You and your teammates are truly class acts!
     Jillian Gibson | NewBridge Bank

Recommendation from a client to a potential client... We've had very good luck with Beacon Technologies. Beacon helped us create data definitions and workflows that we believe will streamline content management for our teams. Our account manager at Beacon has been flexible and great to work with (as has our project manager). We haven't gone live yet but compared to the site we've been working on for the past year, the site that Beacon is building (with all their expertise and experience) is much easier for the end users.
     Kevin J. Bailey | Whitman School, Syracuse University

I just wanted to pass along some praise for the Beacon Team who have not only been patient with my getting up to speed, but also have been very responsive to our data requests and needs in making strategic marketing decisions for next year. I'm excited to test the increased budget for January and am hopeful that if spent strategically that we will see a return that will warrant additional spend. Thanks for all for the help.
     Lisa Tanzer | The Princeton Review

Just wanted to share some of the successes we had during Black Friday week this year. Thanks for all your hard work to help us achieve this goal! :) Please share this info with your team and tell them how much I appreciate all the hard work!
     Nathan Maxwell | Delta Apparel

Also, thank you very much for your time and all of the effort you have allocated towards us in the last few months. I know it isn't always easy and you have always gone above and beyond to apply effort and make sure our needs/concerns are addressed. That's something you don't get much in a working relationship and it shows great professionalism and leadership on your behalf and that is why I value your involvement in our projects. I love seeing people who have that passion and speedy reply in their voice when it comes to their work.
     Jared Friends | CardioPulse

Again, I'm completely BLOWN AWAY! This is great stuff....
     Robin Staley | The Princeton Review