Pricing Guide

We know you want a price, but rather than say, "Call us for pricing", we hope the following guide will be helpful as a starting point.
  • Web Development Pricing

    Web developmentMost website development projects have three major components:  Strategy, Design and Development.  After building hundreds of new websites over the years, we strongly recommend that you budget for two separate phases:  (1) Strategy & Design Phase and (2) Development Phase.  Why?  Just like building a house, it is nearly impossible to price construction accurately without a blueprint.  Phase 1 produces your blueprint and a firm, fixed bid for Phase 2. 

    With this in mind, here are some general price ranges for different types and sizes of projects.

    Strategy & Design (Phase 1):  This typically includes requirements gathering sessions, requirements/features document, process flow diagrams, site hierarchy diagrams, conceptual page layouts/wireframes, fixed price quote for Development Phase.  Pricing:  $2.5K-$7.5K (XSmall), $7.5K-$15K (Small), $15K-$25K (Medium), $25K-$50K (Large), $50K+ (XLarge).

    Development (Phase 2):  This typically includes development of your website from Phase 1 requirements and strategy documents, content migration and creation, testing, implementation and testing.  This phase typically runs 1-3 times the Strategy & Design Phase.

    eCommerce Development Pricing:  Basic BeCommerce and AspDotNetStorefront are quite robust and provide all the necessary features without significant customization.  Factors that affect price are (A) creative design requirements, (B) number/complexity of custom interfaces, (C) number of custom features, and (D) volume/complexity of your product inventory.  Pricing*:  $7.5K-$15K (XSmall), $15K-$35K (Small), $35K-$75K (Medium), $75K-$150K (Large), $150K+ (XLarge).

    *includes Strategy & Design Phase

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    We work with you to develop a custom strategy that matches your business objectives with the most appropriate web marketing channels.

    Large Businesses:  Full-service, comprehensive multi-channel strategy that includes SEO management, paid search management, social media marketing, Google Analytics consulting, conversion optimization, email marketing management and regular in-depth analysis and reporting.  May include special projects to develop & test digital marketing concepts prior to implementing campaigns on a broader scale, which typically engages our web design and web development team to handle unique features to improve lead generation and/or sales.  Expect to invest $15K to $35K per month for complete coverage (excluding pass through expenses like PPC fees).  Pricing may be less for a subset of these services.

    Medium Businesses:  Typically a subset of the various services listed above for large businesses or channels are managed/implemented sequentially rather than in unison.  Most projects include Google Analytics, organic placement, some social media marketing and a lower budget for paid search marketing.  A major factor is whether the goal is for lead generation, online sales or driving foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores.  Expect to invest $5K to $15K per month, depending on the marketing objectives and level of commitment.

    Small Businesses:  Our small business clients generally attack the geographical area of their office(s) or store(s) to optimize budget by only targeting prospects in their respective areas that are actively seeking their services and/or products.  Highly efficient!  Smaller marketing budgets require more attention to identifying the most productive channels in terms of brand visibility, lead generation and/or revenue.  Small businesses must do well in local search.  Expect to invest $2K to $5K per month or perform an initial setup followed by quarterly ''booster shots''. 

  • Web Hosting

    Web HostingState-of-the-art, fully redundant and secure facility (TW Telecom) coupled with veteran system administrators that are on Beacon's staff (not outsourced).  

    Shared hosting fees range from $30 to $120 per month with ample disk space and bandwidth.  Discounts for 12, 24 and 36 month agreements.  Additional fees for site transfers, SSL certificates, spam filtering, domain/URL registration and service level agreement upgrades.  Dedicated hosting services are custom-quoted.  Beacon provides dedicated hosting for many companies around the country.

    Standard CMS License Fees:  SAAS content management solution offers an easy and affordable means for you to utilize an industry-leading CMS (Cascade CMS) to manage your own website.  Pricing:  $595 (Initial License) + $49/mo.  Dedicated CMS Licensing is quoted separately.

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