Our Approach

Finding a partner with “Brains, Beauty and Brawn” is rare.  You have found one with Beacon, where Strategy, Marketing and Web Technology are carefully interwoven into our solutions.  Taking the time to define your goals and plan will produce better results, particularly when you base the strategy on user experience and data.  Creative design, custom development and technical choices will flow much easier as well.  Beacon brings it all together under one roof.

  • Project Management

    Project managementStrong project management is at the heart of every successful Beacon project.  We believe that effective project managers also act as business analysts and consultants in order to properly manage the scope.  We assign an experienced, dedicated Project Manager to every project to develop/maintain the project plan, manage and coordinate milestone dates & deliverables, provide project status updates, provide a central point of contact and manage the resources and budget.

  • Website Design & Development Approach

    Responsive imageRest Easy.  We have done this many, many times.  We've seen all kinds of websites, heard all kinds of ideas and worked with all kinds of businesses.

    Building a house without a blueprint would certainly lead to re-work, change orders and a much longer build time.  The same is true for websites.  Beacon focuses on clearly understanding your needs before entering into costly development.  Projects run smoother, quality is higher and cost is minimized with our approach to web development.

    STRATEGY+analytics ("Brains"): During this phase, Beacon’s accomplished Strategy Team thoroughly evaluates user experience and analytics data to custom define the design, marketing and technology strategy for success.  Beacon reviews and analyzes your business, user experience, data analytics, marketing, technology and brand to produce a comprehensive strategic plan and roadmap for subsequent design and development.

    MARKETING+design ("Beauty"): During this phase, Beacon’s Creative Design Team taps their experience and creative juices to custom-design the graphics and messaging to effectively showcase your brand across multiple devices and mediums with measureable results.  Beacon uses the deliverables from the previous phase to perform creative graphic design, user interface design, digital marketing setup and analytics configuration with plenty of planned design-and-review iterations.

    TECHNOLOGY+development ("Brawn"):  The strength and endurance of your website rests squarely on the infrastructure that it's built on.  During this phase, Beacon’s Development and Hosting Teams enlist our expert staff, proven processes, and best-in-class software to deliver, drive and support your strategy with quality.  Beacon brings the design and strategy to life through web development and integration with 3rd party software with appropriate content management and ecommerce software on top of a powerful web hosting infrastructure.

  • Digital Marketing Services Approach

    Digital Marketing StrategyThe "brains, beauty and brawn" philosophy also applies to Beacon's digital marketing services.  With all the different channels, we believe a comprehensive, data-driven approach is essential.  It starts with a well-designed website coupled with SEO, paid search (PPC), social media and email marketing, all wrapped into Google Analytics.  Your business goals and budget will drive the breadth and depth of your marketing strategy.

    We recommend starting with a FREE Pre-Assessment so one of our Strategists can evaluate and provide feedback on your current digital strategy.  This is typically followed by a deeper assessment to more fully understand user behavior, strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity.

    Next, we brainstorm ideas with your marketing & business decision makers to develop a custom Digital Marketing Strategic Plan that meets your budget.  Once the plan is implemented, we continually repeat the process – assessing results, tuning the plan and re-executing accordingly.  With this process, you will see increasing improvement in ROI and engagement as the strategy hones in on visitor behavior.

    As one of a select few Google Analytics Certified Partners (GACP) in North America, our clients benefit significantly from the close, active partner network.  Our clients enjoy cost-effective lead generation and increased sales due to higher rankings and visibility in the search engines.  Couple this with ROI-focused PPC management, creative Social Media Marketing campaigns, automated feeds to the shopping engines, geo-targeted marketing strategies and email marketing, and you can see why a well-conceived strategy is important.  There are a lot of options and tools out there now.  So success really depends on the technical and marketing minds that monitor, analyze, tune and re-tune your strategy.

  • Google Analytics Services Approach

    Google AnalyticsBeacon provides a wide range of Google Analytics Services as the company has been a GA expert since before it even existed.  That is, Beacon provided Urchin software to its clients before Google purchased it and renamed it as Google Analytics.  Plus we were selected as one of the first certified Google Analytics Partners. 

    GA Assessment & Strategy:  All of our engagements begin with an evaluation of your website analytics platform (data collection and reporting) so we can better understand the critical functions of your business.  We also provide a channel assessment to understand what marketing efforts are currently working for you such that we can begin to identify new opportunities across the major marketing channels.  Next, we evaluate current GA integrations and determine if any offline data sources such as CRM, call center or POS data would provide value.  We then evaluate your existing reporting structures to indentify changes or additions that will better inform your business decisions.  Lastly, we produce a requirements document that defines the solution to measure website activity, support attribution analysis and drive decision-making more effectively.

     GA Account Setup & Configuration:  This includes the setup and configuration of Google Analytics features such as profiles, goals, goal funnels, event flows, advanced segments, custom reports, Adwords account syncronization, Google Webmaster tools syncronization, site search, ecommerce tracking, channel tagging, access management and custom channel for multi-channel reports.  This step includes a Technical Code Installation Document that can be handed to a developer for implementation into your website, including specific instructions for placement of code snippets, when to execute custom javascript methods and integration into any pages where a custom snippet is necessary.

    GA Code Installation:  Beacon will code and install the actual code snippets and custom javascript (per document from previous step) in a test environment.  This will include code modifications to accommodate various ecommerce systems, content management systems and/or other platforms.  Beacon will setup a testing account and delivery of a testing profile ID for testing purposes.  Lastly, we will provide thorough testing and QA validation in the test environment.

    GA Code Verification:  Beacon will perform an implementation review.  We will interact with all the features that are configured to generate data for reporting, then ensure data/reports meet the business specifications and document any issues that are found.  In addition, Beacon will reconcile key metrics with back end data at select time intervals to provide a comparison view that allows us to baseline our Google Analytics data against actuals. 

    GA Ongoing Support:  This includes training, product support, reporting and regular analysis (including periodic "deep dives") to identify key insights and continually improve results across all the various marketing channels.

  • Ongoing Support

    Lighthouse imageOne number to call if you have a question or issue with your website, hosting, email or digital marketing.  No pointing fingers because it’s all in-house.  Dependable technology support is a necessity.  Our Preferred Client Services Group is here, ready to help, supported by a request management system that issues tickets to ensure all requests are logged, assigned and worked to completion.  You can’t afford to have failures, outages, security breaches, email problems, slow network performance, or disastrous viruses.  Beacon puts these worries to rest so you can focus on your business.

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